Jeffry R. Fisher

(360) 883-0419

mydice (at) jeffryfisher (dot) net

Current Experience:

July 2004 - Present: Propagate Ltd, Las Vegas NV

I am founder and still president of a tiny, tightly held C-corp. Although July 2004 is the official date of incorporation, project planning and design began in late 2002. I have written or rewritten all of the web site's server-side PHP, SQL & C++ while struggling with administrative tasks (such as writing a business plan and pursuing a patent) that are outside my core competency.

My work is visible in demo mode as Propagate Ltd, liberating digital content.

Aug 1996 - Dec 2000: Actuate Consulting (first to last):

August '96 - November '97: Actuate Software, San Mateo Ca

Automated tests of Win-NT apps (using QA Partner and UNIX C-shell scripts). Wrote detailed bug analyses. Verified fixes in all areas of all Actuate applications. Automated multiplatform builds and did minor system administration. Wrote a small C++ utility that I still carry with me. Automated report server's CD packaging on UNIX. Responsible for most report server testing in versions 2.10 and 3.0, connecting to all supported DB's.

Jan - March 1998: Rational Software, Santa Clara CA

Started as a 3 week contract to configure a secure, compartmentalized Actuate report server for ~100 users. Extended to designing moderately complex reports built from Vantive's Oracle database. I then and trained salaried personnel to take over. Resolved numerous issues with Actuate tech support. Designed three modest reports with a handful of overridden methods and subclassed controls. Actuate accepted over a dozen of my suggestions for enhancements for future releases. Following the work at Rational, I completed the Advanced Developer Workbench course at Context Integration.

August - September 1998: VWR Scientific, West Chester PA

Led a four man team that was behind schedule when I arrived. Established point- of-contact and task-switching rules to raise productivity and morale. Created shared objects to embody our reports' common characteristics, including a viewer-activated data extraction visitor, thereby sparing us from the needless redundant programming that had gone on before. Alerted the VWR management to their need to plan their Actuate report server; wrote up a framework for a configuration to suit their requirements (before that, all users were to get admin privileges because nobody knew how to setup roles etc.). Wrote a handful of reports myself (Oracle based with views). When I arrived, the Actuate team had been fingered for holding up the larger project schedule; when I left, our manager's greatest challenge was finding enough work to keep us from leaving in mid-afternoon.

October - November 1998: Chase Bank of Texas, Houston TX

Took over a small cluster of 7 modest reports, and one very complex report which two previous developers had left broken. As at VWR, I created shared objects to express the company's programming standards (company logo, page numbering, fonts, general layout etc). I published those objects for two (at last count) other developers to incorporate in their similar designs. All tasks were finished and debugged, and all were completed ahead of estimates. All used Oracle / SQL.

February - April 1999: Deutsche Bank / Morgan Grenfell, London UK

Wrote one single-page report. Seven parallel sub-reports really, tricked into two flows to fit the company's two-column style. One section was an embedded Excel chart requiring both OLE automation and macro programming. Another was a pie chart whose slices had to be shifted around so the labels didn't collide or clip, some being gathered into "Others". BG colors, images, and footnotes changed for each mutual fund reported, some frames had to be ignored for certain conditions, and all-cap text had to be converted to mixed case, except that known acronyms that stayed as caps and certain small words became all lower case. Four classes of funds had slight variations on which sections they employed, or which columns they showed in their tables. All data was acquired through 4 custom file formats, but I solved them with 1 generalized interface. To top it off, we had to be able to generate a black-plate version and a colour-plate version for the booklet printer, except that the colors had to convert themselves to grayscale for the "colour" plate.

September 1999 - January 2000: Buzzeo Inc, Scottsdale AZ

Debugged prototype reports for beta release of ZeoLogix. Developed style libraries for a replacement system of reports yet to be designed. Analyzed all prototype reports to provide input to DB redesign effort (from MS-SQL to Oracle). Rushed demo reports for new project bids. Created general Actuate report server configuration for ZeoLogix installation.

September � December 2000: Future Shop, Vancouver BC

Created 12 Actuate reports (all based on a common set of libraries and report templates customized for the site of course). Repaired 9 others. Taught end users how to be more productive with Actuate viewer (searching & extracting data, table of contents etc). Showed in house developer the magic of ad hoc parameters and other features. Designed a handful of abstract database additions in Oracle (a few new columns, another two tables, and a synonym to a table in another project�s DB that saved us from adding a table to ours).

Experience before Actuate (last to first):


Mar '93 - Aug '96: Self Employed / Consultant

Other: Installed PC hardware and software upgrades while tutoring novice users at "6000 S" Corp and PCS. Wrote (using C and Ada), automated and ran a series of 30 programs to test a DB metalanguage preprocessor on VMS and various UNIX (Sun, HP-UX, SCO) platforms at Borland Int'l. Conducted Ada classes at Borland and at Litton Applied Technologies.

Aug '86 - Aug '92: Lockheed Missiles & Space Co, Sunnyvale CA

Wrote the data-driven real time telemetry processing module for Milstar, a satellite network; wrote its test database generator and did initial testing. Redesigned and wrote the terminal simulator; designed and wrote the real time satellite command processing simulator; wrote real-time test drivers for each. Wrote the actual telemetry database generator/validator; scripted, illustrated, and presented a full day critical design review. Used a Rational for all development and VAX's for delivery. All deliverables were in Ada; throw-away code (test drivers and sample data generators) my last 3 years were in C and C++. Provided technical direction for a 7 person team my last two years.

Aug '84 - Mar '86: SRI International, Menlo Park CA

Translated a vehicle dispatch GUI from FORTRAN to Pascal. Wrote an air-traffic congestion model for an IBM pc-XT. Assembled RS-232 cables and crawled under "temporary" trailer office connecting dumb terminals to host computer (NCR Tower running UNIX); then on it wrote several small programs in 'C' and processed miles of mag tape to produce dozens of graphs and pie-charts.


BA in Physics from University of California at Berkeley.

Experience prior to college graduation:

Accumulated 32 months teaching, analyzing data, and scientific programming at UC Berkeley, PG&E, Peat Marwick KPMG, and Comsis.

Vital Skills:

Project leadership & organization, requirements analysis, end-user acceptance
Object-oriented design, object-oriented programming, structured programming
Relational DB schema design, DB normalization, DB rules and triggers, DB optimization
Search-engine optimization, style sheets


Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, C++, Visual (Actuate) Basic, Ada, FORTRAN, C, Pascal
Environments: http, UNIX/Linux, VMS, DOS, Windows
DB languages: SQL (postgres & Oracle), GDML (Interbase), Equel (Ingres)