Insulating Myself From Influence

by Jeffry R. Fisher

This idea nugget is short but sweet:

I hope to make insulate myself from corrupting influence (corporate and otherwise) by outsourcing my fundraising to an independent agency (or several). Such an agency would handle all the legal reporting so I wouldn't know who my contributors are.

If people and organizations contribute, I want it to be because they support what I am doing, not because they expect special favors in return. I want to be able to weigh petitioners according to my principles, uncolored by any knowledge of their monetary value to my continued employment.

I think that it would be wonderful if my idea caught on. All candidates for all elective offices large and small should operate without regard for where their money is coming from. Contributors should give without regard for whether they will receive special consideration.

However, I can only start with myself, if lobbying and campaign laws will even allow it. If and when I become a candidate for office, I'll ask my opponent(s) to follow suit. If they won't, I'll make hay of the issue, appealing to many people's strong feelings against corporate influence. Wouldn't it just be too ironic for a Republican candidate to play the corporate influence card against a Democrat?

BTW, I am not yet connected with a fundraising agency. If anyone knows one that might be willing to work with my unorthodox project, please send them to my site.

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