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One of my life's aspirations is to get into the US House of Representatives... not the Senate, not a state legislature; the US House (I currently reside in Washington's 3rd CD, near Vancouver WA). If you read over these political pages, you'll see why: My concerns are national, structural, and strategic, and I lack the patience for the slow, plodding Senate.

Being self-employed, whenever I am between projects, I'll investigate the paths to DC. The most common advice I receive is that I must first run locally, then run for state legislature, and finally run for Congress. I see the logic of the progression, and I see many who have gone that route.

However, I have also seen how that grinding path can twist once promising statesmen (and women) into politicians: craven toadies of big government, bureaucracy and special-interests. I do not want my principles to become corrupted on my way to office. I'll arrive whole and healthy or not at all. Therefore, I must brainstorm alternate routes. One out-of-box idea is to style myself as a shadow legislator so I can acquire some represntative experience without exposing myself to a legislature's crushing influence; see "Congressman in Training".

At this point, I am too busy trying to launch a web venture to implement this unorthodox plan. However, if my business soars...

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